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How quickly will I receive the pictures after the shoot?

ShutterHouse Photography offers next business day turnaround for photography packages. For example, if your property photos were taken on Monday, you will receive the photos by the end of business (5pm) on Tuesday. If you request a shoot on Friday, the Photos will be processed and emailed by the end of business day on Monday. Any video services, floor plans, or aerial services will be completed within two business days. 

Do you stage the home before taking pictures?

I will move small things, open blinds and turn on lights, but I photograph the home as-is so please treat your scheduled ShutterHouse photo shoot as you would a home showing. Be sure the home is clean and free of clutter before your photographer arrives. Please refer to our prep guide prior to your shoot to make sure the home is ready to go!  

How long will my photo shoot last?

Photo shoots for residential listings will last approximately one hour. Matterport 3D tours vary depending on the size of the home— a typical 3,000 square foot home takes two hours. Please note, the more services added, the longer the shoot. When you schedule your shoot with ShutterHouse Photography, the duration will be calculated based on services ordered. 

Does someone need to be present during the shoot?

Nope! I am able to gain access to the property via lockbox with the homeowner's and/or Agent's permission. However, you are welcome to be present during the shoot.

Also, please note that 3D tours, videography, and floor plans require me to have full access to the property for an extended period of time. If a homeowner prefers to be present during the time of the shoot, it is important for them to understand that it is a lengthy process that will require those present to “hide” from the camera to avoid any appearances in the finished product.

Will you photograph unfinished spaces?

I focus on and photograph the finished spaces of a home. I do not typically photograph unfinished attics, basements, garages, sheds, or mechanics unless the agent specifically requests.

What areas do you serve?

ShutterHouse Photography currently provides Real Estate Photography services throughout the Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming area. Please contact me to request service in your area.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that things come up— so I just kindly ask that you cancel or reschedule any appointments 24 hours prior to your photo shoot. If I show up to the property and am unable to complete the job (I cannot access the property, sellers are not ready, etc.) there may be a $50 no show fee for my time/travel.

Should I reschedule my photo shoot due to weather?

I shoot in rain or shine! It is the responsibility of the agent/homeowner to keep an eye on the forecast and reschedule at least 24 hours in advance if you prefer to wait for a better day.


However, I am unable to fly the drone in high winds, precipitation, and sub freezing temperatures. If you booked a drone service, I highly recommend rescheduling 24 hours before your shoot if the forecast is showing a high chance of precipitation. If I show up to a shoot and am unable to fly the drone, I will complete the other requested services and will not charge for the aerial drone photography until it is completed.


You do not need to reschedule on cloudy days! Overcast days often make for the best shooting environment, as the sun can create harsh shadows. Also, I can always photoshop in blue skies.

Can I use these photos on social media?

Of course! You may use the pictures however you see fit, so long as it is within the scope of marketing your listing. I just ask that you— and any collaborating agents— give me photo credit by tagging @shutteredhousephotography on Instagram or ShutterHouse Photography on Facebook.

When is the best time for a shoot? 

Most appointments are made based on the seller's and agent's availability, however, there are preferred times of day for better photographs. West facing homes are best shown in early afternoon, while east facing homes are best shown in the morning hours. Twilight shoots will benefit any home, no matter the direction it faces. 

Who owns the photographs?

ShutterHouse Photography owns the copyright to all photographs and other marketing materials produced on your behalf. If you are my client, you are free to use the photographs and other marketing materials for any personal marketing purposes for the listing. However, any photographs or other marketing materials may not be used by any other party without our written consent. If a builder, stager, contractor, handyman, or anyone else asks you for the images, please refer them to ShutterHouse Photography.

Can you Photoshop that out?

Yes and no. I can remove some minor (non-material) things using Photoshop, but nothing is as good as making sure the home is ready to be photographed when I arrive. Keep in mind that if you want to make sure the home looks good in the images, it should look just as good in person.

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